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NOVEMBER 06, 2014

Pro-Choice - Voices of the Island: A Caribbean Fantasy


Choose your own adventure.


By John Thomason

Many readers grew up with the most empowering of all tween series: Choose Your Own Adventure. In action-packed entries like Runaway Spaceship and The Great Zopper Toothpaste Treasure, plot twists, climaxes, and resolutions were decided by the reader’s free will, and if you ended up at the bottom of a snake hole instead of in an island paradise, you could always backtrack through the book and get it right. A similar spirit, albeit of a higher level of sophistication, imbues Voices of the Island: A Caribbean Fantasy, a South Florida-made work enjoying its world premiere this Friday through November 22 at Miami Theater Center’s SandBox space. Written and directed by Joshua Jean-Baptiste and developed in collaboration with the members of his Lab 9 collective, Voices of the Island explores the impact of an atheist government’s infringement on the shamanic beliefs of an island society, conjuring an atmospheric and imaginative world of magic and mysticism whose plot may well be different every night. Unshackled by the traditional stage parameters of predetermined story lines, audience members will make choices that dictate the play’s direction and outcome. So if the island’s inhabitants are banished out to sea, you know who to blame — only this time, there’s no flipping back for a do-over. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. at the theater, located at 9806 NE Second Ave. in Miami Shores. Tickets cost $20. Call 305-751-9550 or visit