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OCTOBER 23, 2014

Hedda Gabler


The ladies of Snapped ain't got nothin' on Hedda Gabler.

The ladies of Snapped ain’t got nothin’ on Hedda Gabler. Penned by Henrik Ibsen in 1890, Gabler’s story still socks modern-day women in the gut, as the main character toils in the prison of stability and expectations. Gabler is Hedda’s maiden name. Ibsen wrote of the work’s title: “My intention in giving it this name was to indicate that Hedda as a personality is to be regarded rather as her father’s daughter than her husband’s wife.” Talk about progressive thought. This quote alone shows the lasting impression Gabler made on not only theater but also the world. Ibsen’s play is known as a milestone in realism and drama and continues to inspire unique versions of the original stage tale around the globe. Cate Blanchett, Martha Plimpton, and Mary Louise Parker are just a few of the famed actresses who have filled Gabler’s shoes over the years. Miami Theater Center (9806 NE Second Ave., Miami Shores) offers its own take on the classic, adapted by Stephanie Ansin and Fernando Calzadilla. The tragic tale guarantees a show of passion, deception, and betrayal as the heroine, consumed by jealousy and desperation, orchestrates the downfall of those closest to her. Hedda Gabler debuts this Thursday and continues through November 16. The play runs at 8 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and 2 p.m. on Sundays.