Experience the theory and practice of rasaboxes, a technique devised by Richard Schechner that will teach you to learn to embody eight basic, emotional-energetic states (rasas). This integration of acting, movement, and voice will provide you with a concrete physical tool to access, express, and manage your emotions within the context of performance. Taught by our own, award-winning Resident Artist, Fernando Calzadilla, who is one of only six licensed rasaboxes instructors in the world.

Rasaboxes combines principles from the Natyasastra, an ancient Sanskrit manual for performers, with contemporary neuroscience to create a psychophysical approach to actor training.
One of six licensed instructors, Calzadilla holds a PhD in Performance Studies from New York University.
(NOTE: Participants must be available to attend all classes)

December 12-17, 2016
$120 (five-day session)