Mad Cat- Vaclav Havel's PROTEST and AUDIENCE

Written in 1978, Audience deals with the travails of Havel's alter-ego Ferdinand Vanek - recently released from jail for anti-government activities. Valek is stuck in the bleak office of the foreman of the brewery where he has been forced into menial labour. The tedious bureaucracy and constant paranoia of life under the Communists have driven the foreman to alcoholism and to the brink of insanity - he is prone to bouts of rage and despair.

In Protest, Havel's alter ego Ferdinand Valek has escaped his hellish office to visit the middle-class home of one of his friends. He is hoping to convince his old friend Stanek to sign a petition renouncing the regime.

Both plays seek to shine a light on the darkness of censorship and tyrannical rule.

February 1, 2017 - March 11, 2017