Baba Yaga’s Gypsy Wagon Family: An Acoustic Roots Music Experience

Miami’s first traveling performing arts wagon family will roll out of the woods and reveal themselves for the first time as they entertain audiences with a concert that marks the emergence of the spirit of Baba Yaga, the gypsy wagon stage, and kicks off the fundraising effort to make Knight Arts Challenge Winner Shira Lee Abergel's eclectic traveling arts wagon world a reality. Featuring Jean P. Jam Acoustic Vibes; The French Horn Collective; Shira Lee; and The Kazmarikstan Turkish Jazz Project, these versatile musicians will explore folk, gypsy, jazz, African, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern sounds.
Baba Yaga’s talented musical family and charismatic friends, “The Wagoneers,” will invite guests into their rare and vibrant wagon world. With artisans and characters to meet, elixirs to drink, and treats to eat, Baba Yaga is sure to “wheel” guests into a colorful experience. The evening begins with “Baba Yaga’s Market of Curiosities,” followed by the concert. Guests will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with the wagon family, including Baba Bag Lady - Black Sheep of the Universe; Mr. Winkles and His Whimsical Wheelbarrow of Wonders; Sean Clocks Cleans Socks; and The Popcorn Troubadour. Also featured in the market will be a special performance by Ana Mendez, live musicians, barkeeps called “tincture tenders” serving a selection of beer, wines, and other elixirs, plus local artisans offering a unique selection of handmade items and visual artists to further immerse concert-goers into the Baba Yaga world.


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Proceeds will be used to match Shira Lee Abergel's Knight Arts Challenge grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation for the construction of a traveling performing arts wagon.

April 23, 2015
Tickets: $20
Students: $15 with valid ID