jaamil olawale kosoko

performance artist

Part visual installation, part live performance spectacle, and retrospective by Brooklyn based artist and curator, Kosoko, by creating a platform for Miami to ask viewers to reconsider their impressions of the black male body in performance and visual art.

NOTE: The performance contains full male nudity as well as adult themes and language.



Artwork List

1. Cry – (2013)
Mixmedia Photography on Masonite with Wall Text
72” x 48″

2. Recorded Live Performance Works
Stallion Study #2 (2013)
An Expectation of Violence (2011)
Slides from An American Chameleon (2010)

3. Nigerian Boy with Peacock Feather (2013)
Limited edition mix media on canvas
16″ x 20″

4. Mask (2013)
Limited edition mix media on Canvas
16″ x 20″

5. Nigerian Boy with Pet Horse and 32oz (2013)
Limited edition mix media on canvas
16″ x 20″

6. Revenge of the New Negro (2013)
Limited edition, triptych, mix media on canvas and metal
20″ x 16″ (Canvas), 81/2″ X 11″ (Metal)

7. Rebranding the Colt (2013)
Multimedia Print on Glass Bottle with Dried Cotton Flower Bouquet

8. Black Male Revisited: Revenge of the New Negro (2013)
(Live Solo Performance)
Black Male Body in Gallery, Theater or Site Specific Space
$10,000 – $12,000
(All prices are negotiable with the artist)

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