MARCH 30, 2016

Award-winning "Two-Character Play" comes to South Florida!

Miami New Times

Tennessee Williams' award-winning Broadway show, "The Two-Character Play," is heading back to the Miami Theater Center.

MIAMI (WSVN) — Tennessee Williams’ award-winning Broadway show, “The Two-Character Play,” is heading back to the Miami Theater Center.

The play explores the world of two artists struggling to make it in theater.

The story highlights a brother and sister making the best of their situation after being abandoned by their theater company. Director Stephanie Ansin knows the actors have their work cut out for them.

“This play is very intense and layered to direct,” said Ansin, Miami Theater Center’s founder and artistic director, “because it’s about two actors who are playing roles in a play. So … there’s three levels.”

The siblings end up sticking together after having everything stripped from them.

As they battle to keep their sanity and not let their inner demons take control — both work together to stay committed to their art.

Actor Edson Jean plays the male lead, and while it isn’t the first time he’s done a play of this sort, it’s definitely a challenge.”I have done a two-character play before,” said Jean. “but this one is a lot more extensive and a lot more challenging than the ones I’ve done before just because of the nature of the play, characters inside of a play, a play inside of a play.”

Actress Shira Abegral plays the female lead and with her extensive history in theater, takes her role to the next level. “If you don’t know the life of an actor, it’s quite strange and interesting, so I think this is kind of a cool peek behind the scenes …”

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